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Silver Rhodium Illuminati Talisman



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In Illuminati symbolism, Rhodium is the metal of the moons.

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Found on Earth in rare supply, Rhodium shines with a silvery white surface that immortalizes the power of this planet’s lunar companion. Even in the darkest times, the moon illuminates humankind and brings harmony to life’s most ancient unity – the hallowed bond between the dark and the Light.

Strikingly unique, the Illuminati Talisman is a symbol of humanity’s supreme purpose. The Talisman is a beacon that helps identify others who follow the Light. As you travel through life’s journey, you will discover others who have committed their lives to the advancement of the human species. Wearing the Talisman makes your allies easier to find even amidst this planet’s darkest times.

In response to requests from citizens worldwide, the Talisman has been crafted with silvery Rhodium plating – an entrancing pendant that is ready to wear through life’s darkest nights and brightest days.

1″ metal, rhodium plated with necklace chain included. This item contains small parts and is not recommended for young children. Pieces may contain zinc or nickel metal and should not be submerged in water.